What Classical Music Can Teach Us About Snobbery

While camping in Snowdonia recently my friends and I had a bit of an argument about music. I declared that classical music was ‘better’ though this declaration came with a number of conditions. In fact ‘conditions’ –conditions of reception– are the root of this declaration.

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The infinitely quotable Andy Warhol, said something along the lines of “in the future, department stores will become art galleries and art galleries will become department stores”. Now, I could affirm this quote from a variety of oblique angles – the blurring of the boundary between the museum and the commercial art world, for example. […]

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Well Being vs. Health Care

When I write ‘well being’ here I mean ‘well’ in both senses of the word: ‘to be well (healthy)’ and ‘well (good) be-ing’. During the course of my PhD, I studied AIDS activism a great deal and was greatly inspired by the way those effected directly and indirectly by HIV/AIDS took it upon themselves to […]

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