Remote Control at the ICA

I wrote this review for the Arts Desk 5 April 2012 Remote Control and its accompanying series of events, Television Delivers People, coincides with the analogue to digital switch-over, marking a shift in the history of a medium which will soon be eclipsed by on-demand content. While this may sound mundane on paper, the humble […]

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Sticking it to The Man

In the wake of the North African revolutions the lurid stories of pop royalty dancing for the pleasure of petro-tyrants for big money got me thinking: since when have artists ever done just the opposite and refused to sell out, opting to stick it to the man instead? There are plenty of examples of great […]

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Monuments to Nothing in Particular

The biggest enterprise of public arts cuts in modern times occured during the 90s and 00s in the former Eastern Bloc as the last granite, steel and concrete vestiges of the communist regimes were torn down. These sometimes enormous statues were demolished, often in the middle of the night, between mobs of people supporting or […]

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Colour Me Bland

I was looking forward to seeing Damien Hirst’s spot paintings the other weekend, I visited the Gagosian Gallery expecting the profusion of spot paintings to be overwhelming, giddy even. In reality it had a dulling effect on me. These icons of the 90s, with their clean, simple, relentlessly flat surfaces just look bland in one […]

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We Know that Music is Music?

Come Together is a record most British fans of the indie genre would know well as a track that straddles the boundaries of indie rock and acid house music. It’s a remix of a gospel-inspired Primal Scream track that appeared on their critically acclaimed ‘Screamadelica’ album of 1991, a collaboration between the band and house […]

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Colour Me Bad

What would a difficult painting look like? You could paint violent or sexual scenes, you could paint grotesque ugliness. But primary colours? Be afraid. Primary colours just don’t work together. They are by definition at opposite ends of the colour wheel, they’ll never get on. Even Rodchenko’s red, yellow and blue monochromes, an astonishing piece […]

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