Lichtenstein: mediocrity, ambition and innovation

From lurid abstracts to high postmodernism, Lichtenstein’s career demonstrates that persistence beats talent.

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Goya, Witches and Reason

Partially naked warlocks wearing coned hats levitate in the night sky clutching a naked man struggling against them, two appear to be biting him. Immediately below them a man with his head covered in a blanket stumbles forward with his arms out, he holds his thumbs in his clenched fingers in a gesture of figo […]

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Lisa Lou’s distillations of time

I wrote this review for the Arts Desk 23 April 2012 There was something perverse about the opening of Liza Lou’s show at White Cube in Hoxton Square on a wet Thursday evening. It was as quiet as I’ve ever known it inside, while outside, barred from drinking among Lou’s fragile works, a throng of people guzzled […]

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Remote Control at the ICA

I wrote this review for the Arts Desk 5 April 2012 Remote Control and its accompanying series of events, Television Delivers People, coincides with the analogue to digital switch-over, marking a shift in the history of a medium which will soon be eclipsed by on-demand content. While this may sound mundane on paper, the humble […]

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