Magritte and the Divisive Moment

Magritte’s Paintings tell us more about reality than his surrealist label lets on

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We Know that Music is Music?

Come Together is a record most British fans of the indie genre would know well as a track that straddles the boundaries of indie rock and acid house music. It’s a remix of a gospel-inspired Primal Scream track that appeared on their critically acclaimed ‘Screamadelica’ album of 1991, a collaboration between the band and house […]

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Political Correctness

The singer Kelis has has some harsh things to say about the UK. At a London airport she was called a ‘slave’ and ‘kunta kinte’ and a ‘disgusting Nigerian’. In her words, the UK is ‘behind progression because everything is swept under the rug. People don’t talk about it. People don’t fight about it.’ She […]

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Anger is trending on the anti-social networks. It’s been a long time since it felt so good to be angry, beef has been the bread and butter for many a creative, from Picasso’s wartime contortions to the angry young writers of the British new wave. It’s when the quivering hand welds the brush, camera or […]

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