Warhol’s Featureless Films

Of the many Warholisms, the one that rings most true in his film output is “the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting”, since there’s never really any action to come.

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We Know that Music is Music?

Come Together is a record most British fans of the indie genre would know well as a track that straddles the boundaries of indie rock and acid house music. It’s a remix of a gospel-inspired Primal Scream track that appeared on their critically acclaimed ‘Screamadelica’ album of 1991, a collaboration between the band and house […]

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Two Boys

Two Boys, composed by Nico Mulhy with a libretto by Craig Lucas, is a detective story based on true events. The protagonist is a middle aged female detective who provides a consistent thread through the work, walking into the past as she investigates the stabbing of a teenage boy in a shopping centre. This leads […]

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